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What Can I do For You?



You made it to my Services page! 

Here you will find a bit more information on what I can do for you as a freelance Fashion, Beauty and Relationship Writer. Are you ready to get trendy and unique content that will stand out, get clicks, and hold the reader’s attention? Well, my friend, you are in the right place! Let's get to collaborating!


What type of content do you cover?

Bath Products

Product Reviews & Product Round Up's

Need me to try out an array of products and give my opinion in your brands voice? Or do you need me to scour the internet to find the trendiest and most affordable home, fashion, or beauty products? I'm your girl!


Trending Content

Want to know whats the hottest trends across Tik Tok, IG, Twitter, and YouTube? I live on these sites so you don't have to. I then pitch to you hot topics that are sure to bring in your target audience.

Woman Portrait

Interviews & Features

Got questions that you need answered? Do you have a longer line story that needs to be told but is still engaging? I can do that too.

Image by Lukas Blazek


Need a story or a product round-up when you are short-staffed? Or are you a fellow writer with too much on your plate? I can help take the load off, and you get to put your name on it! I have ghostwritten all of the above services for several well-known publications. 

Image by Sasha Lebedeva

Event Coverage

My favorite thing about living in the big city is attending all the events and pop-ups! I cover everything from fashion week to BeautyCon. If you need heels to the pavement covering events in NYC/DC– I got you covered!

What type of articles do you do?

I can do both!

How do you want the piece published?

Woman taking note

By-lined Content

The article would be published under my name and I would have the ability to link it back to my portfolio.

Working with Laptop

Ghostwritten Content

I write the piece, and you get the by-line. I write in your unique brand's voice, and you can publish under your name while I remain anonymous. 

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