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Street Bloomin'

This collection was inspired by the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival in both Japan and Washington D.C. I decided to do a fusion of both cultures. Pulling from D.C.'s political streetwear scene and more traditional Japanese pieces. I wanted to see how I could mix these two completely different cultures to become one as they did for the Cherry Blossom Festival.

Street Bloomin' Women's Streetwear.
Word Map.
Cherry Blossom break down.
Customer Profile.
Cherry Blossom Sketch.
Color Story.
Fabric Page.
Primary Research.
Sustainability Research.
Cherry Blossom Sketch.
Quick Sketch.
Quick Sketch.
Fabric Manipulation.
Half Scale Drapes.
Half Scale Drapes.
Cherry Blossom Sketch.
Final Figures.
Final Figures.
Flats Look One.
Flats Look Two.
Flats Look Three.
Flats Look Four.
Flats Look Five.
Flats Look Six.
Flats Look Seven.
Flats Look Eight.
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